Area Reps

Due to the increase in European Countries playing Oldies Rugby, the Executive decided to allocate a Committee Member to be the Liaison for a few Countries to be there as a source of information and advice.  The Executive were charged to assist the development of each of their allocated Countries, which are :

Name Country Allocated  Countries Email
Dave McDonald Scotland England, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Wales & Scotland moc.tcennoctbnull@dlanodcm.evad
Sergio Caggia Italy Malta, Portugal, Slovakia & Italy ti.uteletnull@oigres.aiggac
Bob Dean Switzerland Austria, Hungary, Romania & Switzerland moc.slatemthgilnaednull@ofni
Matthias Schenker Switzerland Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine hc.ybgur-cgnull@reknehcs.saihttam
Werner Czerny Germany Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany ed.tketihcrastfahcsdnal-ynrezcnull@ofni
Patrick Darricarrere France Andorra, Belgium, Monaco, Netherlands & France moc.secnarussatreblocnull@ererracirradp
Ed Freedman Israel Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece & Israel moc.namdeerfdenull@niwde
Joao Uva Portugal Andorra, Malta, Portugal moc.1idopnull@avuoaoj
Etor de Giocoechea Spain Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Spain moc.gnitlusnocaribnull@gde