Local Festivals

Grand Old Rugby Festivals

Apart from participating in the Official European Grand Old Rugby Festivals, it is the aim of the European Grand Old Rugby Executive to spread more Local, Regional or National Festivals and hopefully increase the number of participating Teams.

Local Grand Old Rugby Festivals tend to be held on one day – Saturday or Sunday – when all Games are played, although any extra arrangements benefit the Event.
European Festivals are held over a long weekend – with two Games Days and World Festivals last a week, with three Games Days.

Firstly, before you can participate in any Festival, you need a Oldies Rugby Team, who is a Member of EGOR.
For advice on Forming an Oldies Rugby Team – EGOR Forming an Oldies Rugby Team

Whatever the level of Festival, the number of Entrant Teams is decided by the number of Pitches available at the Venue. Do not overstretch your capacity, an Event with one or two Pitches and just a handful of Teams can make a most enjoyable Oldies Rugby Festival.
For ideas on variations for Festival Match Timings – 5th SGORF Match Timings

Next, come adequate Changing and Shower facilities, Bar and Catering outlets, Medical cover etc. and all the other arrangements required to Host a successful Grand Old Rugby Festival……… whatever the size !
Any EGOR Member Club may submit a Bid for a future Festival and Guidelines and Festival Criteria are available on our Website. The number of Pitches decide the number of participating Teams and the support of your Local City / Regional Authority is essential….and hopefully the support of your National Rugby Union. Sponsorship needs to be obtained to try and keep the individual costs as low as possible to the Players and Families.

Several Cities from throughout Europe are seeking to Host our next European Festivals. However, we try to encourage all Teams to Host a local Festival where they invite 6 – 10 Teams for a small one day Grand Old Rugby Event. Anyone wishing further information about our Festivals, or wanting to get involved with a Golden Oldies Team, or thinking of creating a new one…….can call – 44 ( 0 ) 7866 910 865 or E–mail – gro.ybgurdlodnargnaeporuenull@ofni A Control List for Local Festivals, is available from EGOR, on request.
For Guidelines on Organising a European Grand Old Rugby Festival – EGOR Draft Festival Guidelines ’15

The Local Organising Committee usually submit a Document to EGOR requesting consideration for a future European Festival. It should include all relevant details about Pitches, Field Facilities, Good Priced Hotels, Transport infrastructure, Festival Partners / Sponsors etc. Thereafter, an EGOR Deputation is invited to visit the Venues and see the Organisation. Once all Bids are submitted, a decision is made and usually, the result is announced at the next Festival.

An Agreement Document is then created by EGOR and signed by the President and Secretary and the President and Secretary of the Local Organising Committee.

If you wish to enter a Team, a few Players…or participate as an Individual, you shall always get a Game, at our Festivals.

Contact moc.liamgnull@ybgurseidlog and find out how to enter your Team, or become involved by joining up with another Team.