Future Festivals

Any EGOR Member Club may submit a Bid for a future Festival and Guidelines and Festival Criteria are available on our Website.  The number of Pitches decide the number of participating Teams and the support of your Local City / Regional Authority is essential….and hopefully the support of the National Rugby Union.  Sponsorship needs to be obtained to try and keep the individual costs as low as possible to the Players and Families.

EGOR Festivals shall be held every second year, always trying to source new locations where the Festival can be used to develop Rugby in the Host Venue.  If all Criteria are met, the Executive shall have the powers to allocate a Festival to any City or Club, who may have a special reason for Hosting the EGOR Festival outwith the two year cycle.  The next Festival shall be two years thereafter.

Several Cities from throughout Europe are seeking to Host our 2019 European Festival.   However, we try to encourage all Teams to Host a local Festival where they invite 6 – 10 Teams for a small one day Oldies Event. Anyone wishing further information about our Festivals, or wanting to get involved with a Oldies Team, or thinking of creating a new one…….can E–mail –  gro.ybgurdlodnargnaeporuenull@ofni –  for details.