2015 European Golden Oldies festival to be held in San Sebastian

The EGOR Executive Committee is very happy to announce that the 2015 European Golden Oldies Festival will be held in the Basque region, in San Sebastian on June 11-14. San Sebastian to host the European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival

The Basque city has been elected to held in June 2015, the 13th edition of the most iconic golden oldies rugby event in Europe.
San Sebastian’s designation has been made public in Prague (Czech Republic) where the 12th edition of European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival (EGOR) took place. This Festival was created in 1992 and since then it has became a major event for rugby veterans across Europe.
Bera Bera R.T., one of the most prominent rugby clubs in the Basque Country, will be the responsible to organize the 2015 EGOR Festival.

Rugby, sea & food: San Sebastian and its goods.

With four clubs in the top flights of the Spanish League, plus Biarritz and Bayonne next door, San Sebastian breathes rugby. In last few years the city has hosted a number of Heineken Cup and Top 14 matches.
The Festival will be held in four simultaneous pitches placed in the inner circle of San Sebastian’s Racecourse. But during the four days of Festival, from June 11th to June 14th, there will be more than rugby to enjoy.
The Festival will open on Thursday 11th with an informal reception in the Miramar Palace for participants and their companions, where they will be able to savour the tastes and culture of the Basque Country. This beautiful setting, with its sea views, gardens and English architecture will give you first impressions of how the European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival 2015 will be.
First match day will be on Friday 12th. The Racecourse will be provided with all amenities needed for a perfect day of Rugby. The day will end with various leisure tours and outings in the city.
On Saturday, in addition to the city tours or a day of rest on the beach, organization shall offer a number of different ways to better discover the Basque Country and the nearby La Rioja vineyards.
Last match day and farewell dinner will be on Sunday 14th with the final chance to enjoy the Village setup for the event. In the evening the farewell dinner will take place in a traditional Basque Fronton. Good food, good times and surprises will leave you with fond memories of San Sebastian.
More information about this event can be found at http://egor2015.com/

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